Baltimore Hackerspace

What’s in a name?

I know this may be a little confusing but we actually operate out of Baltimore Maryland. When Harford Hackerspace was started we selected a name not knowing that many of our members would be from Baltimore. One of our members has kindly provided us a free space to use as we grow and to be honest the space is so nice that it’s a shame that one day we will have more members than it can handle.

We have contemplated changing our name to something a little more generic and that is likely to happen one day. However, because all of our legal work is filed under the name of Harford Hackerspace it would be a real pain and also costly to switch everything over immediately.

So for now we are just trying our best to let people who come across our site know that we are actually gathering in the Baltimore Area. Our location is off Belair Rd. on the Baltimore County/City line. So it’s actually very easy to get to from I-695. If you are in the Harford or Baltimore area and want to hang out with us e-mail

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